Configure qBittorrent on Dokku and Mount SMB NAS for Download Storage

Configure qBittorrent on Dokku and Mount SMB NAS for Download Storage

Ready to set up qBittorrent on Dokku? Follow these steps, and you'll be up and running in no time! (This article assumes you have dokku and a nas server already up and running.)

Step 1: Create a New App

First, create your new app in Dokku with the following command:

dokku apps:create qbittorrent

Feel free to replace qbittorrent with your preferred app name.

Step 2: Mount a Directory for qBittorrent Configuration

Next, mount a directory for qBittorrent's configuration:

dokku storage:mount qbittorrent /home/dokku/qbittorrent/data:/config

Step 3: Create a Docker Volume

Now, let's create a volume. Run the following command, replacing the placeholders with your specific values:

docker volume create --driver local --opt type=cifs --opt device=//<nas_url_here>/<nas_path> --opt o=username=<your_username>,password=<your_password>,port=<your_port>,uid=1000,gid=1000,forceuid <name_of_the_volume>

Replace <nas_url_here>, <nas_path>, <your_username>, <your_password>, <your_port>, and <name_of_the_volume> with your actual NAS details and desired volume name.

Step 4: Mount the Volume

Mount the newly created volume:

dokku storage:mount qbittorrent <name_of_the_volume>:/downloads

Ensure you replace <name_of_the_volume> with the volume name you used earlier.

Step 5: Set Environment Variables

Configure the environment variables for your app:

dokku config:set qbittorrent PGID=1000 PUID=1000 TZ=Asia/Kolkata WEBUI_PORT=8080

Step 6: Deploy the Docker Image

Initiate the deployment using the docker image:

dokku git:from-image qbittorrent linuxserver/qbittorrent:4.6.0

Step 7: Configure Ports

Set up the port configuration to make your app accessible via Dokku's proxy server:

dokku ports:set qbittorrent http:80:8080

Step 8: Set a Domain

Finally, set a domain for your app:

dokku domains:add qbittorrent <your_domain_here>

Replace <your_domain_here> with your actual domain.

And that's it! Your qBittorrent app should now be up and running on Dokku. Happy torrenting!